Oullim Information Technology. INC knocks the automotive IT security industry’s door

Oullim Information Technology. INC has started to explore the automotive IT security market and spearheading this effort is the Spirra, Korea’s first hand built supercar. The car PC module found in the Spirra makes it possible for the car to act as a moving office through hardware similar to those found in a desktop PC or laptop.

“Simply put, the Car PC is an evolution of in-car navigation systems” describes Jaekyoung Park, the member of board of directors of Oullim Information Technology. INC. “The ability of navigation systems generally are just limited to navigating roads whereas a Car PC allows users to access the internet while on the move through WiBro support. Its basically, a high performance compact laptop.”

Technical specifications include the latest D510 Atom processor, 1Gb DD2 Memory, and 64Gb SSD. Microsoft’s Windows 7 home edition is installed providing performance superior to netbooks. An integrated 1024*600 resolution 7 inch touchscreen panel is used to improve ergonomics while DMB receivers and 5.1 channel GPS receivers are included to run DMB and navigation software.

In the case of the Spirra, the system also controls HVAC allowing climate control through fingertip adjustments on the touchscreen panel. This climate system allows 6 user configured climate presets, allowing simple one touch adjustments on the go. An included launcher program allows further customization which makes it possible to use favorite music and video programs.

Additionally, the Spirra features reinforced power control and prevents errors caused by irregular power supply and should the Spirra power down, the Car PC would automatically shut down as well. After shutdown, the Car PC remains disconnected from the car’s batteries and prevents any possible energy leaks.

Mr Park adds that “The Car PC could handle sensitive information so it is important to establish a secure and private user environment. This is where Oullim Information Technology. INC’s security solutions step in.”


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