SPIRRA Models’ specifications and performances

SPIRRA is regarded as a vehicle which has the similar performance like well known supercars, “Lamborghini” or “Ferrari”. The carbon fiber material is expensive comparing to other materials but as it is light, it is suitable for sports car. When a car equipped with a carbon fiber body kit is faster than a car equipped with a steel body kit. SPIRRA’s weight is 1320~1450kg similar to the standard sedan cars such as “Sonata” or “SM5”. As SPIRRA can be drove more than 11km with 1ℓ of fuel, it is said a fuel-efficient car.

SPIRRA models prices are N: 79,000,000 won, S: 89,000,000 won, T: 127,000,000 won, EX: 160,000,000 won and 3.8 GT: 211,400,000 ~ 216,600,000 won (all excluding surtax).

SPIRRA N model which is not a tuned up model has 180 h.p and 250 km/h speed. This model has a lower specification comparing to other SPIRRA models, but its basic structure (a space frame, a midship layout and a carbon fiber body) is the same.

SPIRRA S is expected to be the most popular model. It was priced down from 109,000,000 won due to lower unit price and supply of parts. There is a change in specification too. Previously, super charger engine was installed and has approx. 400 h.p however, it has 330 h.p with a turbo charger engine. Also, its max speed and max power are 280km and 330h.p each.

Also, SPIRRA Turbo model’s speed is over 300km also, its max power and 0->100km speed are 420 h.p and 4 seconds each.

Moreover, SPIRRA EX, the best performance and specification model was showed as a red sports car at the launching show last month. Interior was decorated with beige color of leather, RECARO brand of a bucket seat, an OMP 4points seatbelt, MOMO brand of a steering wheel. There is a car PC for bluetooth and navigation functions. This model’s max speed is going up to 350 km/h from 315km/h after tuning up a twin turbo charger engine. In addition, its max power, max torque and 0->100km speed are 500 h.p, 55kg·m and 3.5 seconds each.

Lastly, 3.8 GT turbo is a racing car model which has the max speed of 312km, the max 500 h.p, the max torque 66.kg·m, and 3.4 seconds of 0->100km speed.

There are tuning packages reserved for SPIRRA only including ‘The dress-up package’ to alter its aero-parts, ‘The engine tuning’ to upgrade its performance and ‘The interior package’ to connect a smart phone etc. The service centers are located in Seongsu-dong and Yangjae-dong Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju and Daejeon etc.

The sales target is over 100 cars for this year, and it is expected to be sold over 200 cars per year from 2011. Currently, it takes about 2 months to deliver from an order. The maximum capacity is 342 cars per year now.


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