“SPIRRA was launched at 29th March” in Seoul

At 16th March 2010, it was announced that SPIRRA of Oullim Networks Co., Ltd is ready to be sold. Also, the launching show for SPIRRA was held at the “EL tower”, located in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, Korea on 29th March 2010.

SPIRRA EX, the best performance model and only shown through the media and press, was exposed at the launching show in real.

Especially, the remarkable interior tuning package was shown in the show. The interior decoration of SPIRRA was changed to be refined and future-oriented accordance with public opinion which it is not enough compared with the exterior. This interior in the image was shown through SPIRRA EX at the launching show.

Also, Oullim set the A/S policy. Legally selling vehicles’ engines and dynamometers are warranted for three years/60,000 km under the policy. Currently, five A/S centers are located in Korea and still recruiting more centers. Information on their locations was provided at the launching show.

The CEO of Oullim Networks Co., Ltd., Mr. Park said, “This is the crowning moment which I have been waiting for the most since start of SPIRRA business. There were a lot of misunderstandings and distrust, however I really appreciate people who believe us and waiting for SPIRRA up to now. Honestly, I had a number of worries especially, prices on SPIRRA models above all things. I will announce that the SPIRRA S price is lower than one hundred million won.”

From the next day of launching show, 30th March, SPIRRA showroom located in 3-13 Yangjae-dong Seoul was officially opened and the SPIRRA EX car launched at the show is positioned in the showroom for customers.


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