“Hand made Sports car, SPIRRA – Pass the vehicle safety standards”

SPIRRA – Pass the vehicle safety standards homologation

SPIRRA is ready to sell in Korea as it was passed the vehicle safety standards homologation.

[by Mr. Han, a reporter of “DailyCar”, website]

At 12 March 2010, it was announced that hand-made sports car from Oullim Networks Co., Ltd, SPIRRA was took the head-on impact test twice for vehicle performance tests and passed the Korean vehicle safety standards homologation.

To sell vehicles made, assembled in Korea or imported to Korea legally, they should be certified the self-certification system enforced since 2003 to comply with vehicle safety standards. Therefore, SPIRRA had to be taken over 40 tests for frond, back and side impacts, braking power, and absorbing impact of gauge-panel (instrument panel) etc. Finally, all tests were completed by the end of 2nd head-on impact test.

SPIRRA was already passed EU homologation during July, 2009. In addition, all tests for some countries which have no regulations for small production of cars, but they are regarded as the same level of safety standards for mass production of cars. It may be an opportunity to dispel worries about safety of vehicles which are developed and produced by new start-ups.


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