SPIRRA Racing Model into Malaysian Market

Oullim Networks concluded the contract with Aylezo MotorSports in Malaysia that Oullim Networks exports 50 SPIRRA Racing cars for 5 years.

The contract is included that the SPIRRA will be made in Malaysia as well. Oullim Networks will ship the first SPIRRA Racing car by this February and send 2~3 qualified mechanics to Malaysia.

SPIRRA Racing car is fitted to the regulations of SRO, the GT4 racing organizer, and is specially build for only tracks without any convenience and interior.

The importer emphasized that SPIRRA is racing born since it is very light due to the frame structure and full carbon body.

Mr. Park, Dong-Hyuck, CEO of Oullim Networks, said that if SPIRRA has a good record in the international market, it will pull the domestic needs and he will release SPIRRA GT racing model in Korea.

Prior to this contract, Oullim Networks concluded the contract which is exporting 100 cars for 5 years with Oullim Malaysia.

Malaysia has Sepang International Circuit and is held a variety of motor sports such as F1 and GT series every year.


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