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Steps Forward to the Global Electric Car Market

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Oullim Networks made a contract with AGV, co-developed Electric SPIRRA (SPIRRA E), for the exclusive sales markets of the SPIRRA E. AGV is one of subsidiaries of M.A Noordam Holding B.V in the Netherlands.

Mr. Martijn Noordam, the president of AGV, visited Korea and concluded the contract as the SPIRRA E is just about to be released in markets. They discussed the world markets and agreed that AGV has European markets and Oullim Networks has the other markets of the world.

Electric car market is globally increasing and has good prospect. Audi released Electric car at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, 2009 and Nissan expected that the electric car market will be reached 1 million units by 2015. Also, Roadster from Tesla, the US electric car company, is being received well by global markets. According to AGV, SPIRRA E has been favorably commented by European customers at some exhibitions as well.


SPIRRA EX, the premium model, was released

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Oullimnetworks, are proud to announce the imminent release of the SPIRRA EX. The “SPIRRA EX”, the premium model of SPIRRA series, is hand built by craftsmanship and is the latest model to join Oullim’s existing range of SPIRRA automobiles.

SPIRRA EX was released with much enthusiasm to the Korean market on 12 November 2009. The EX edition of the SPIRRA is powered by a 2.7 litre V6 DOHC Twin Turbo, which generates a healthy road going output of 480 horse power.

SPIRRA EX is equipped with the same V6 Twin Turbo engine that is utilised in our competition version “SPIRRA GT”. SPIRRA GT accomplished victory in the 2008 Korean GTM Sports Car Championship against strong competition from well known International motoring manufacturers.

The exterior coach work of the SPIRRA EX has been upgraded with the addition of a carbon fibre body kit. The front air dam, side skirts, rear diffuser and engine cover are crafted by carbon fibre, an aerospace technology material that is remarkably light and offering great strength. Our designers spent many hours in our studios on the final styling details of this very important phase. The vehicle interior has also been upgraded with the extensive use of luxurious Alcantara to add to the dynamic feel of the driving experience.

Mr. Dong-hyuck Park, CEO of Oullimnetworks commented that the “SPIRRA EX” is the representative model for SPIRRA automobiles having the premium specifications of the model ranges. Mr. Park also believes that it is the time that SPIRRA and the other Korean auto manufacturers are capable of manufacturing with excellence.

Korean ‘supercar’ designer builds a Tiger

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SEOUL, South Korea – There are a few reasons why Kim Han-Chal calls his supercar the “Tiger.”

The first is apparent when you get behind the wheel of the Spirra. Zero to 100 kilometers per hour (0-62 mph) in 3.8 seconds with 500 horsepower, your throat hits the back of your neck as the gas pedal hits the floor. The Spirra is the definition of supercar: fast, sporty, sleep, and a six-figure U.S.-dollar price tag.

But the more important reason Kim, the creator of the car, calls it the “Tiger,” is that the animal is a powerful symbol of Korea. That’s apropos for Korea’s first venture into the supercar market, made with all Korean parts, built with Korean hands. “We were the only country that didn’t have a supercar,” Kim says. Neighbor Japan has a Toyota and Honda supercar, and Germany and Italy has Porsche and Lamborghini.

The car enthusiast, who pledges if you check carefully he has gas running in his veins, dreamed of building a car on his home soil. He believed in his countrymen’s ability to produce a high-end car, not just the reliable, eco-friendly Hyundai or Kia.

For 10 years, he tinkered with designs and poured his money into concept car after concept car. But it wasn’t until he partnered with Oullim motors, backed by the wealth of a high tech company, that he began production. Now Europe is his first major customer. A dealer in the Netherlands purchased 145 orders of his handmade cars over the next three years, marking the first commercial entrée of his supercar into the global market.

CLSA auto analyst Christopher J. Richter says supercars are often losing business ventures and are built to send a message. “These guys, I think the message they want say is ‘Hey, we can make a super car too, high performance car too, and we can do it with all Korean components. It stirs the pot a little bit and shows that auto-making is not just about Germany or Japan, but Korean auto-makers have a valuable contribution to make.”

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The First Super Car in Korea, Spirra, aquires European standard certification

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– Given chance for official exportation to Europe.
– Oullim Networks Inc. finally aquired European standard certification with Spirra.
– Official sales to Germany, Switzerland, Holland and other European countries is now possible.

Spirra is the very first domestic handmade super car installed with turbo engine performing the maximum output of 500HP, the maximum torque 58.3kg/m. Only limited quantity will be hand-produced, so it won’t be distributed broadly.

Spirra began domestic distribution from last May, and has been proceeding with certification process since. Oullim Motors Inc. has been preparing the process thru Oullim Motors, the subsidiary company, contracting with TUV Rheinland Korea, the international certification service company, in November 2007. In June 2008, they signed a service contract with Korea Automobile Testing & Research Institute of Korea Transportation Safety Authority (KATRI), and have been researching for 14 months.

In order to begin sales in Europe, a vehicle needs to pass tests on 32 system clauses of safety and environmental regulations and 7 single clauses designated to minor-production cars among Whole Vehicle Type Approval(WVTA). And Spirra has passed them all successfully.

Oullim Networks Inc., in charge of sales and marketing, succeeded in concluding exportcontract with Miles Benelux in Holland, and planned to 145 models for 3 years. However, as the certification process slowed down, the export procedure has been postponed as well. Acquisition of Europe certification process has made the export feasible again. 

PARK, Dong-Hyuck, representative at Oullim Networks Inc. stated, ‘I am very overwhelmed and proud that super car made part by part by our won hands will soon compete with world-class cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porches. I hope what we have achieved today can spread hope to many dedicated engineers and students in automotive studies.’

Oullim Networks Inc. has received the official statement stating Spirra’s eligibility to all tests from TUV Rheinland Korea. The certificate will be issued this coming August.